Sunday, March 9, 2014

Walker's Baptism

Smiling after his shower before church
Mid February we realized that we hadn't set up Walker's baptism yet.  Since my parents were coming to town at the end of the month, we began looking into holding his baptism during their visit.  The stars aligned and we were able to coordinate his baptism for the early contemporary service, and ALL of our immediate family was able to attend.
Our view from the stage

Walker was a perfect baby during the whole service, including the most important part...when he was on stage.  Nathan Carden performed the service, and then we all sang "Down By the River" while he strolled Walker around the sanctuary.  I cried during the whole thing, but it was so nice to look out and see our family in the first three rows along with many of our friends who made an effort to come to the early service to support us.  It was perfect!

Mizeranys with Nathan Carden
All of our supportive family members
Following church, we invited everyone back to our house for mimosas and brunch.  We served an egg and sausage casserole, ham and swiss sandwiches, chicken salad, fruit and petit fours.  I think we all had a good time, and Walker was passed around from one family member to another the whole time.

To top off the whole day, it was a perfectly sunny day.  Walker wore his great-grandfather's baptism gown (Clegg Walker) that all of our children wore for this special event.  God was definitely present, and has been since his little heart began beating in utero.  Walker brings joy to all our family, and we are all blessed to have him a part of our family.

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