Thursday, March 13, 2014

While the Cats Are Away...

...the mice will play.  The weekend that Bennett and I headed to Atlanta, the three boys stayed at home and had a big time!  It was a gorgeous day, so Steve took them to the Chili Cook-off....a great fundraiser for the Exceptional Foundation in Homewood.  There are always friends hosting booths and walking around, and due to the nice weather, this year was no different.

Undivided attention with either of our children, usually results in good behavior, so Preston and Steve had a blast together.  Even though Walker was in tow, he was getting attention from multiple friends, so Pres had fun running around with Steve and others.
what a sport this guy is
Pres goofing off with Lynlee
After the cook-off, the crew walked over to Brio to eat some appetizers and enjoy more of the beautiful day.  Preston played on Ms. Dina's phone, fed the turtles and skipped lunch and went straight to dessert with an ice cream sundae....what a day!

sweet boy loved getting out

enjoying his sundae

Even though I had fun with my sweet girl, I missed my boys.  Thankfully, everyone had a fun, safe weekend!

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