Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

Emma Brooke and Pres
For the past few weeks, we have been celebrating Easter with the awesome Lenten sermons, and then doing the fun traditions with the kids.  Unfortunately, the initial Easter egg hunt that our church does was rained out.  The second one was scheduled right after a t-ball game, so we went straight there.  Pres and Bennett ran all over searching for eggs, but only left with a handful.  However, I am happy to say they weren't upset.  They visited with friends, played on the jungle gym at the park, and even had a snack.

Bennett and Carmen (counting eggs)

Class Picture with Mrs. Cassie
In addition to the church hunt, we also had Preston's final Easter egg hunt and party at school.  Since it fell on a Friday, Steve and I were both able to attend.  Preston racked up on the eggs, and had a blast!

Of course, we also had to get pictures taken with the Easter Bunny since it was Walker's first Easter.  Fortunately there wasn't a line, so we scooted to the front and they posed.  Nobody was scared, and we actually got a decent shot!

Since we were trying to squeeze it all in right before Easter, we had the kids immediately change out of their "picture clothes," and into play clothes so we could dye Easter eggs.  Like always, they had a blast.  They are never patient enough to get the beautiful deep colors, but they turned out good regardless (and it killed about 45 minutes of our afternoon).

magic crayon allowed for white marks

We had a terrific day! Like all moms, I had bought darling Easter outfits for the kids, and we were looking forward to going to church and having lunch with the Mizeranys and all of Steve's cousins the following day.  Sadly all of that failed to occur due to Bennett becoming ill late Saturday night.  Of course, wouldn't you know we were out celebrating our 8th anniversary early and had a NEW babysitter at the house with all three kids.

I had checked in, and all was going well.  Well at least until around 10pm, when I got the text from the sitter with the news that things weren't okay any longer.  Bennett had vomited all over herself while in the bathroom.  Ms. Jenny (the babysitter) was a saint, and cleaned it all up and got Bennett back in bed with a bowl next to her.  She told us to not hurry home, but we came home regardless.  Bennett made it through the night without anymore incidents, but she threw up again the on Sunday morning, so we knew she had a bug of some sort.  So we could still attend church, Steve went to the early service.  While he was there, I got ready.  Then I loaded the kids up, and double parked in front of the church.  When his service ended, he hopped in the car to take the kids home, and I went in to listen to the sermon.
Walker in his Easter outfit

After church, Steve took the boys over to his parent's house, and I stayed home with Bennett.  She napped a little, watched a couple movies, and just rested.  It certainly wasn't the way I had hoped the day would go (no family pic in front of the flowered cross this year), but it wasn't too bad.  Thankfully, Bennett started feeling better that night.

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