Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Break 2014

At the beginning of every year, Steve and I sit down and try to figure out what trips we are going to do.  We knew we would go somewhere for spring break, but we didn't know where.  Initially we researched going somewhere new...Mexico, the mountains with the kids, and other places, but ultimately ended up at the beach.  As it turned out, a friend of ours was getting married there, so we planned our trip around that to make it all work out.  Since the weather is so iffy this time of the year, we originally planned to go down Wednesday through Sunday.  But as we got closer, we extended it to a full week.  Steve and the kids were all excited, but I worried about the weather. 
Kids at Dusty's

It rained the entire way to the beach (poor Steve had to white knuckle the steering wheel), but that didn't affect our driving time.  In fact, nor did Walker.  We surprised the older kids with the "Frozen" DVD, and Walker slept on and off the whole way there.  He never made a peep, and was a perfect angel (really)!  After we unloaded our car, we met some friends at Red Bar for an awesome lunch and a little music from Dread Clampitt.  Since the sun was out in full force after we left, we all hit the beach!  We went out for Mexican that night, and made it an early night, though it was kind of a crazy night for the adults.

Monday morning Steve and the kids rode bikes to the donut truck, while Walker and I lingered back at our house.  Since the day brought more cloudiness and cool weather, we met a group at Dusty's for a late lunch.  Following a couple pitchers of beer and some yummy oysters, we went back to Lyndsey Mooney's parent's house to hang out for a bit.  They have a great yard, so the kids played outside and the rest of us just hung out.  That night, we baked some fresh fish with the Criggers.

Tuesday was finally a sunny day, though it was cool in the morning, so we hit the park.  Steve and the kids rode their bikes, and I ran behind a stroller with Walker to keep up.  Once it heated up enough, we headed home and went to the pool for the afternoon.  The kids were dying to swim in the lagoon pool at our neighborhood, but it wasn't heated, so we knew it wouldn't last long.  Preston was so cold after swimming in it, he asked to go home and take a warm shower before crossing the street to swim in the heated pool.  Unfortunately it was too windy to hang on the beach, but the condos around the pool blocked much of the wind allowing it to be quite pleasant on the pool deck. 

looking for seashells
Sadly, Steve had a day trip to Louisville on Wednesday...which turned out to be a beautiful day.  The kids and I went to the park in the morning, and then packed up and headed to the beach for the rest of the afternoon.  I looked like a bag lady walking down, carrying Walker in the Ergo on my front, my beach chair on my back, and holding a bag on each shoulder.  Some couple took pity in my load, and offered to assist me...which really helped.  It was a little cool, but that didn't stop the kids from scouring the beach for shells and playing in the sand.  Walker hung out in his baby carrier most of the afternoon, so he was protected from the sun. 

Ocean was like glass on Wednesday

more beach fun
P, Douglas, Mary Ellis, B and Elyse

Walker covered and happy
my monkeys after a day on the beach
Thursday brought us another cool morning, but thankfully we were able to get out of the house and soak up a little sun in the afternoon poolside.  It was an impromptu day...since we had lunch in Rosemary, and then decided to pop in on friends who own in Rosemary.  They have a lovely home with a private pool, and all of the kids were out swimming.  While Steve and I took a tour of their home, the kids jumped into the pool.  Since we didn't have big plans that day, Steve biked home for a few of our essentials, and we decided to stay for the afternoon.  It certainly was not Steve's preferred location, but it worked for us since the beach was too windy.  All of the kids were happy, and we were with friends...so we were all entertained.  That night, we went back to Blake and Mary Scott Pearson's house for a shrimp boil.  More folks came over, and we had a blast.
Pres passed out at the party

What did we do before portable electronics?
Friday was a complete rainout (boo!!).  We didn't even get out of our pajamas until lunch.  Instead we played UNO, had breakfast in and watched a DVD.  By lunch, we were bored and needed out of our tiny place, so we got a group together to head back to Dusty's for lunch.  Since the weather was so crappy, everyone had the same idea, so we waited for about 90 minutes for a table.  Finally, we got seated and enjoyed more seafood.  Since none of us were ready to go home, we invited everyone back to our house for a little par-tay.  We didn't have much food, but we tried to clean it out.  We listened to music, danced and just had fun. 

Malin meeting W for the first time
Tabby and Grady doing the "robot"

happy boy every morning!
Saturday we woke up to light rain, but before we knew it...the clouds parted and the sun came out.  For our last real morning, Steve took the kids back to Charlie's Donut Truck.  Then Walker and I met them in Alys for a little playtime.  As it slowly warmed up, we decided we had to take in our last day before the wedding, so we went home and suited up.  We packed everything we needed for several hours at the beach, and headed down.  We all had a blast: people watching, digging, building sand castles, burying people, dipping our toes in the water and just relaxing.

Bennett and Caroline
Walker loved the beach
Pres the eel and B the mermaid
First family shot on the beach

Sadly, our last day on the beach was cut short because we were attending the wedding of our friend, Christy Heath.  We were all excited (it was the kids first wedding), but we hated coming off the beach to get ready.  She got married in Watercolor, down the road, in a grassy park.  It was a beautiful landscape, so we capitalized and got another family shot.  Then we walked over to the reception.  We all ate, and then the kids hooked up with other kids and played in the grassy field adjacent to the building, while the adults hung out inside.  Christy hired a great band from Atlanta that danced and played a variety of music...so it was very entertaining.  By 8:30, all of the kids were asking to go home.  They were all tired (and the music was too loud for lil man), so we called it a night.  It was a nice end to a nice getaway.  Although, we can't wait to return in 8 short weeks!

sweet moment between brothers
Christy Heath
Spring Break 2014

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