Monday, April 28, 2014

Time Goes By...

Sadly, time has been flying by for us since the beginning of the year (I wonder why).  Of course the big kids are at school five days a week, but even with just Walker and me...we have a hard time just relaxing.  We have been busy hitting the gym, running Bennett to swim and Preston to t-ball, and just running errands and keeping up with our normal responsibilities around the house.  Add spring fever to the mix, and we are just wiped!  Thankfully both kids are loving their sports and they are so fun to watch.

Bennett started swim team back in January, and though she practices twice a week, she has only participated in one swim meet (we were out of town for one, and her squad didn't participate in another one).  Though she is learning all of the strokes, she feels most comfortable with free and back....and she is becoming quite good at both.  Bennett's last meet is this weekend, and then she will transfer to the Homewood swim team for the summer.  That team has meets every week (sometimes twice a week), so I expect she will really perfect her strokes.

finishing up a race at her last meet

Preston is playing t-ball again this year, and it is really clicking for him.  He is hitting and fielding well, and just getting the basics of the sport down.  He is so much fun to watch, and loves having an audience to show off for.  He pretty consistently plays shortstop, and it has really proven to be his best role.  He did well at pitcher too, but he definitely prefers a position that gives him action.  Though the "raptors" are improving, they haven't won many games.  It has been hard on the boys to lose, but I think the parents are taking it even harder.  The moms are like wild banshees cheering for the boys, and getting angry at bad calls by the ump.  Steve has been a great assistant coach, and Preston thrives having his daddy on the field with him.

Pres after getting 3 outs and a big Raptors win!

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