Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bennett's Bowling Date

Shades Cahaba Elementary holds one fundraiser each year, their Winter Festival.  It is a great four hour event that draws huge crowds from all over town to the school.  Many of the classrooms have themed games/activities, and they rent huge trampolines and rock walls.  In addition, they sell SCE gear, have a bake sale and concession stand.  But the biggest money maker of the day is the silent auction.  Businesses and families donate all kinds of things, but a lot of money is raised for the dates that each of the teachers auction.  There is only one student per class that can win, and each grade plans something different.

Thomas, Cole, B, Margo, Abby & Emma Brooke
We bid on the "date" with Bennett's teacher last year, but it got too expensive too quickly and we bowed out.  However this year, we were able to secure it for her.  So, today she went bowling with Mrs. Werner.  She went along with the other five 1st graders and their teachers, and together they had a big bowling game.

Mrs. Werner has been a great teacher for Bennett, and like last year, she has thrived.  She is reading at a third grade level, and doing math at almost the same.  Bennett is happy, and has had a wonderful year with no drama (something I am so thankful for)!

So as the school year comes to an end, what a fun way to spend an afternoon (even if they didn't win).

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