Monday, May 19, 2014

Glamour Girl Bennett's 7th Birthday Party!

Just us girls
Due to Bennett's birthday falling the day after school lets out, we decided to hold her party a week early.  She had a difficult time trying to decide what she wanted to do, but finally settled on a jewelry making party.  A friend makes and sells jewelry, and does parties for little girls to do the same.  She was so sweet to invite Bennett in for a "meeting" to discuss what she wanted to make and firm up her birthday theme.

We decided on a "glamour girl" theme, and they decided to make crowns, washer necklaces and hairpins.  In between making their items, the girls walked the red carpet that Janie put out for Bennett, posing and making faces.  They also enjoyed birthday cake and the other snacks I put out (ring pops, candy bracelets, gummy rings and chicken poppers).

It was a casual party, but it worked out perfectly for the girls.  Janie handled everything, and I just took pictures and walked around.  The girls were so cute, and I think they had a blast (I know Bennett did)!

Bennett with Scarlett
Sweet Henley with her crown
Tate and Bennett
Mary Ellis, B and Carson
B and Harper

birthday cake
Making her birthday wish....
fun continues with Katharine
Caroline and B striking a pose
Maddie and Bennett
some of the hairpins the girls made
Tate, Maddie, Caroline and Carmen
Bennett with her friends
....and Lucy was waiting for her at home!
Bennett's birthday celebrations will continue this week when I read to her class and have lunch with her on Wednesday.  Then we are celebrating with the Mizeranys that night at her favorite Mexican place. Finally, we leave for the beach on Friday morning (her actual birthday), so we will most likely celebrate later that night at the Sugar Shak!  Fun times ahead for this soon-to-be 7 year old!!  We love you B (even though you prefer us to call you Bennett)!

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