Thursday, May 15, 2014

Go Raptors!

Preston has really enjoyed his second season of t-ball playing shortstop for the Raptors.  He has a true understanding of the game, and its rules, and is pretty darn good!  However, next fall he will move up to coach pitch ball, and he is already talking about the transition.  Though the Raptors did not win the championship, it has been a fun season of watching him play.  The kids still make a ton of errors, and the rules aren't that closely aligned to baseball yet....but I have gotten totally into it (becoming a crazy mom).  Since he practices once a week, and plays two games a week, we have spent a lot of time at the ballpark this spring.  Fortunately Bennett has siblings of these ball players there to play with, and Walker is content to just be outside, so it hasn't been bad.

Pres has loved having family there to watch him, so thanks to everyone for the support.  Especially to Mimi and Papa who rarely missed a game, and were a huge help holding Walker so I could really watch the game, pace around and shout for Pres!  Steve volunteered to be one of the assistant coaches, so he was there for all of the practices and games too, unless he was traveling.

Coach Jason and the boys

Walker hanging out at the game
Last game that they won (1st round of championship)

It was tough not making it to the championship game, but the Raptors finished 4th for the season!  Preston was just thrilled to receive another trophy.

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