Friday, May 16, 2014

Preston - The Graduate!

1st day of 5K
It is hard to believe Preston just graduated from preschool.  I mean, I can still recall the little boy who timidly walked into Ms. Cassie's class back in September. 

Now he is a much more confident little boy, who can count to 100 by 1s, 5s, 10s and 2s!  He can recognize about 30 sight words and read a little.  He has grown up so much this year, and is more than ready for kindergarten!  However, if you ask him, he will say "I don't want to go to Kindergarten because I will have to eat real food."  You see, we have been mentally preparing the child that his typical peanut butter cracker lunch will be a thing of the past soon!  You would think after eating it for lunch almost every single day for the past two and half years he would have grown sick and tired of it, but NO, he hasn't.

Tour at SCE
Thankfully for him, he doesn't have to master eating to graduate. Instead, he has to master the basics...which he has done!  Now we are onto the next stage...kindergarten!  He has several friends heading to Shades Cahaba with him, but he isn't shy, so I know he will make lots of new friends.  Having an older sibling there will help too.  In fact, last week he even took an informal tour of the school!

Today was his last day of school, but his graduation was yesterday.  They have been practicing for the past couple of weeks, so he was ready.  All of the graduates wore caps and gowns (4K was in blue and 5K in red).  They sang a couple of songs for us, and were presented their diplomas.  Following the ceremony, there was a reception where the kids posed for lots of pictures, and received a small parting gift from their teacher.  It was a big day for our BIG boy!

graduation day!

Receiving his diploma...sniff, sniff
His goodie bag from Ms. Cassie
We should have checked out B from school
Ms. Cassie with Pres

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