Sunday, May 18, 2014

Walker is 5 Months...Almost

Enjoying his bumbo seat
I seriously can't believe my baby is almost 5 months old!  We tried so hard for this precious boy, and felt so blessed to just have him here....healthy.  Except there is not a day that goes by that I don't look into his eyes, and feel even luckier that he is healthy AND happy!  And by happy, I don't mean is he is just happy.  I mean he seriously is just a miracle child.  He wakes up talking to himself in his crib, smiles at whoever gets him (sometimes that is just Pres crawling into his crib to play with him), laughs, talks, eats, catnaps all day and then does it all over again.  He doesn't even cry when I suction boogies out of his nose!  What kid doesn't cry during that?!

Selfie with kids!
He has been a wonderful addition to our family, with the big kids feeding him, talking to him, holding him and just entertaining him.  He is happy go lucky, and is the typical "third child" that is just along for the ride.  Unlike my other two, he doesn't have formal naps.  He just catnaps when he can.  Since he isn't crabby, and he sleeps through the night, I don't force him to sleep more during the day.  Now things may change as he gets older, but his temperament and ways work just perfectly for this busy family right now.

W loves to be held (at P's graduation)
Walker currently loves his bottles, hates his rice cereal and has rolled over twice (that we know of).  He is about 50th percentile for weight and height, weighing about 15lbs right now.  His eyes are still very blue, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that they stay that way.  He has found his fingers, and loves to put them in his mouth.  He laughs daily, especially at his brother.
almost 4 months old (love that belly)

4.5 months old

As you can see from all of the photos....he just has an air about him.  Walker's little smile (with his tongue in or out) is contagious.  We love you buddy!!

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