Sunday, June 29, 2014

Camp Winnataska...AGAIN!

After last year's wonderful experience at Camp Winnataska, Bennett definitely wanted to return, but for a week this time!  She had several of her friends from school going during the all girl's week, so we decided to send her that week too.  I was shocked to read that they put all five of the SCE incoming second graders in the same cabin though.  However, it worked out great!

We all drove out to camp to drop her off, including my mother who was in town.  Bennett quickly got acclimated, and was then anxious for us to leave.  Since it was about 100 degrees...we weren't complaining about getting back in our air conditioned car either.  I left her a note, along with a journal under her pillow, bought a few items at the canteen
for other days, and we hit the road.
Harper, B, Madeleine Anne, Tate, Caroline
Throughout the week we checked their website for photos of her, and by the looks of them....she had a great time!
Harper and Bennett

"wacky tacky" night

"western night"

When we picked her up 6 days later, she was still all smiles.  Though Bennett admitted to missing us some, she claimed she never cried or got homesick.  She thoroughly enjoyed her "mail" she received each day from all of the family members, and she saved every single letter!  We are so thrilled that she is making these memories at Camp Winnataska, and hope that she returns again next year.
Greeting her brothers
I missed my baby girl!
Bennett and Tate
Sadly, daddy was flying back into town later in the day and couldn't make the pick up.  However, we all enjoyed the stories we heard later that day of her shooting bows and arrows, horseback riding, swimming, canoeing, singing and doing arts and crafts.  She had a ball!

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