Friday, June 27, 2014

Peoria Girls Reunion

Selfie with Peoria besties
As I get older, I realize how much more I treasure my girlfriends.  With free time being somewhat of a commodity, I have become quite picky about who I choose to hang out with when I am not with my family.  I have made some wonderful friends over the past ten years in Birmingham, but nothing can replace those old friendships I made in college, and during my 20s.  I love those girls!

So every year or two, Chelsea, Betsy and I try to plan a get together.  Since Chelsea's recent move back to the U.S. last year, we haven't gotten together - so it was overdue!  Betsy and I also had not met her last two children, so we planned a getaway to Pittsburgh to visit her family.  Chelsea and Dayven cooked us dinner the first night, which was the perfect way to get to know her kids, and catch up.  That night we stayed up way too late talking....just like we did in our 20s.

The next morning, we ate breakfast and went into Pittsburgh.  Chelsea thought it would be fun to rent bikes and bike on the wonderful trail system they have along the river.
We biked all morning, had lunch at a little place overlooking the river, and biked back.  It was a beautiful day, and the perfect way to spend several hours.
Downtown Pittsburgh
That night we drove to a neighboring town and had a delicious Italian dinner.  We first enjoyed a couple of cocktails at the bar, and then ate dinner out on their patio.  We split several items, which allowed us the opportunity to sample more than we could had we had our own dish.
Amaro Smash
Dinner on the patio
friends forever
Wednesday morning Betsy and I slept in some (I guess those Amaro Smash cocktails got to us). Once we finally got moving, we had a couple of hours to burn, so we hit TJ Maxx.  We hung out with the kids that afternoon, before getting ready for dinner.  That evening, we rode the train into Pittsburgh, where we enjoyed another fun night together.  We started off our night, having a drink at a rooftop bar, and then walked to a trendy little restaurant where we split several items and drank more cocktails.  We talked for several hours, and had a great time together!

Sadly, Thursday was our final day.  After packing our items and getting Wyatt off to summer camp, we drove to a section of Pittsburgh that had a Lululemon store, and some other cute little stores.  We did some shopping and grabbed lunch with Hadley and Tate before Chelsea dropped us off at the airport.  Though we only spent several days was awesome.  We all got to share, vent and enjoy our time together.  So until next time....

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