Sunday, June 1, 2014

Let's Kick Off the Summer of 2014!

My birthday girl!
On Bennett's 7th birthday, we packed up our car like Sanford and Son (literally had an overhead bag that was stuffed and a hitch that was loaded...not to mention we couldn't see out of the windows), picked up Sara and drove to the beach!  There is nothing better than kicking off our summer with a beach trip!  Everyone traveled wonderfully (the kids watched the movie "Frozen" twice)!  We arrived at lunchtime, and drove straight to Seagrove Market for a delicious lunch.  There is nothing better than kicking off a week at the beach with a great seafood sandwich.

Daddy's little girl

Once we finished, we quickly drove to our house so we could get unpacked and settled.  That part didn't take long, and the kids were ready to hit the pool, so Sara took them swimming while Steve and I hit the liquor and grocery stores for the week.  Once we got back, we met up with the kids at the beach for a few hours.  That night the Jarmons came over for dinner and we enjoyed a beautiful sunset on the beach!

Sunset with my honey
The next day, we all rode our bikes to the donut truck (the way we always start our first morning at the beach).  Then the kids played in the sprinklers at Alys Beach for a bit before we came back and made our way to the beach.  Since we have to take so much to the beach, we really like to make the most of it, and stay all day long. 

Having Sara helped immensely, as she was great about taking the big kids to the pool every so often for a break.  Walker was just as easy this trip as he was for spring break.  He lounged in our arms, and napped and played in his portable crib.  We thought he might tire of the beach, but he never did.

happy as a always

underwater camera
Saturday night, we hosted the Passarellas and Tanners over for dinner.  The kids all played, and we ate and chatted.  Since we all had sitters with us, it was a very relaxing evening.  Of course, all of the kids gravitated to "Say Say" and hung on her all week long!

The rest of the week, we did more of the riding, hanging on the beach with the Tanners, Passarellas, and other Homewood friends, swimming in the pool, and enjoying the occasional meal out.

Dinner at The Pearl, Rosemary Beach
Since we had so much fun last year, Steve and I decided to organize another bonfire with our friends.  We invited a lot of our Homewood friends, and had a great group!  All of the kids played together, enjoyed the s'mores, and tried their hand at crabbing, while the adults hung out.  It was a gorgeous night, and everyone had a ball again!
some of the girls at bonfire

family shot
Pres and his buddies
All of the mamas
kids enjoying the morning
The weather was beautiful all week, except for one afternoon in the middle of the week.  Of course, we used that as our day to dine at Dusty's with friends.  Since we had some other friends staying in Panama City Beach, they met us there for a late lunch.  By the time we finished, the rain had left, so we went to the beach for sunset.
girls at Dusty's
digging crew on the last day at the beach
finished product several hours later, a 20 ft oval!
It really was another wonderful trip to the beach, and we both felt it had a lot to do with Sara accompanying us.  She was a tremendous help to us, and the kids so enjoyed having her there.  I am so glad that it worked out, because now they have these memories for the rest of their life, and they are closer to her because of them. 
The day before we left

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