Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Fun!

first swim meet
The summer of 2014 has been a VERY busy one!  Some families look forward to not having schedules and being carefree....however we are not one of those families.  We all thrive on routines and being kept busy, so that is what we have done.

Bennett and Preston joined the Homewood swim team, and have been involved in Homewood day camp which started June 8th and goes until Aug 1st.  In addition, they did vacation bible school, went to the beach for two week long trips, went to the lake a couple of weekends, did a couple of specialty camps (Bennett did Camp Winnataska for a week, and Preston attended zoo camp), and had some down time where they could just veg in front of the TV or play with friends.  It has worked out well for all of us!

kind of looks like a swimmer, right?
Just a few recaps....Swim team has been an awesome experience for both kids!  Though we have missed a lot of meets due to being on vacation, they have consistently improved.  They both have improved their times every meet, and have walked away with ribbons for placing in various strokes.  The biggest accomplishment went to Preston who did not know how to swim any stroke at the beginning of the summer, and cried whenever the coaches made him practice backstroke.  However, he finally got the hang of all of them.  In fact, at his last two meets, he swam backstroke, and did it so well that he got a "senior county" time.    During the last meet, he even qualified for SC with freestyle!  He was very excited about that!  Sadly, he is missing this coveted meet due to another vacation.  Next year maybe...

6 months old and happy as a clam
During one of our lake visits, both kids got up on the knee board and learned to drive the jet ski.

However, this summer wasn't all about Bennett and Pres....Walker has enjoyed it too!  He has spent a lot of time with both sets of grandparents, has learned to roll over both ways and can now get to different places in a room by scooching backward and rolling.  He LOVES the pool, and splashing around is his favorite thing to do.  He still loves the beach, and is an awesome traveler for a little guy.

Selfie with W to prove that he looks like me...just a little

Father's Day with the best Daddy!
Bennett kneeboarding
Pres kneeboarding
W can nap anywhere - even on a boat
Bennett swimming butterfly (smiling at me)

The kids before their last meet

Pres swimming butterfly

Walker hanging out at their swim meet

It is hard to believe that summer is almost over, but school starts in less than 2 weeks!  We still have more fun things planned....Pres is going to Peoria with Christian to visit my parents for 6 days, and Bennett has several activities planned while her brother is away.

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