Saturday, August 2, 2014

2nd Annual Banta/Mizerany Beach Trip

Kiddos before dinner at Edward's
A few weeks ago, we loaded our car with all of the essentials for another week at the beach.  We met Brian and Shannon's family down there, and my parents flew into a nearby airport.  It was a warm week, but the weather was good every day but one, so we soaked in the sun!  This year we rented in Water's Edge, which was convenient to Rosemary and Alys, and right across the street from the Seacrest Sundries (a little market and deli), which was just an added bonus.

Walker loved his stroller rides
The house was perfect: 4 master suites (all with king beds and adjoining baths), and one bunk room which slept all 5 big kids!  The private pool won the hearts of the kids, and we liked the proximity to the beach!  I think everyone was happy, so we decided to rent again next July in the same neighborhood!

The best thing about this family trip is seeing all of the kids together.  Pres looks up to Christian, and Henley looks up to Bennett.  Even little Lucy wants to hold Walker all of the time.  Needless to say, there is always someone to play with on the trip, and it is so awesome to watch them all hang out and have fun together.  Of course, I think that is one of the highlights for my parents too.

relaxing on the beach

As we typically do, we ate out a few times, cooked the majority of the time, and had carryout once.  We hung out at the beach for the majority of the time, but always ended up in the pool by late afternoon.
Date night at Havana Grill at the Pearl

Walker playing at Dusty's with Nene
The day it rained, we went to Panama City to eat at one of our favorite oyster places....Dusty's.  It was the first time for everyone else, and I think they all agreed the food was worth the 2 hour wait we had in the middle of the day!  We drank some beer, played music on their jukebox and mingled with the other patrons while we waited, which in my opinion, is part of the fun!  The kids all brought their Itouches, so they were happy.

Leaving our dollar at Dusty's

The following day, Shannon, Brian and I took the kids to a waterpark.  It was our first time doing this, and though it was crowded...we had fun.  They had several pools, including a wave pool and many water slides, which the kids enjoyed.  It was a great way to break up the week, but sadly we didn't take any photos.  We also played a lot of games throughout the week....UNO, connect four, hide-n-seek and had several arm wrestling tournaments.
enjoying donuts in Alys

Henley did great, but even better with her left arm!
everyone arm wrestled...I won this match :)
hours were spent boogie boarding
B couldn't find Nene during hide-n-seek
Evidence that Lucy was at the beach

Of course we did all of our normal things too: several trips to the donut truck, daily bike rides, hunted for seashells, boogie boarded, built sandcastles, crab hunting, and desserts at the Sugar Shak, Cool Candy and icees from Seacrest Sundries!  Another trip in the books with many more fun memories! 
Last day on the beach!

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