Sunday, August 3, 2014

Girls Beach Trip - Daddy Duty

Earlier this summer, a bunch of girls settled on a date where we would go to the beach together.  Our awesome husbands agreed to stay back with the kids while we headed south.  Alisha invited Lauren, Tabby, Kadie and me, and Jennifer invited Lauren, Mary Scott and Kimbalee.  Since Alisha and Jennifer both have condos in Perdido at the same place, it worked out great!
Selfie with 9 girls in elevator
We hit the beach both days, had wonderful dinners out and stayed up late talking about all kinds of stuff.  We ate some delicious seafood, worked out once, slept in late and just had two days of girl bonding!
Kadie, Kimbalee, Tabby, Mary Scott, Lauren, Alisha, Jennifer, me and Lauren

Meanwhile back in Homewood.....the dads were planning all kinds of activities together with the kids (it takes a village, right?).  Friday night, they all met at Mexico Lindo for dinner, then some of them came back to our house to hang out afterward.  Saturday, Steve dropped Walker off at his parents and took the big kids swimming for a couple of hours.  That night, they all met at Good People Brewery and then walked across the street to watch a Baron's game.
Kids at Good People Brewery
Santa at the Baron's Game!
They love their Daddy!
Guess who didn't finish their dinner?
Fun with Becca

Sunday, Steve even managed to get everyone showered, fed and out the door for church!  It is nice to know that when I am away, things are just fine back home.  Everyone had a great weekend, even though we weren't all together.

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