Thursday, August 7, 2014

Preston Plays in Peoria!

Pres eating a sucker in ATL
Steve and I have always joked about how Preston will go anywhere and do just about anything.  He proved just this when my parents extended an invitation to Christian and him for a visit in Peoria (without parents).  Since the boys had to make a connection, they couldn't fly alone, so Brian and Henley accompanied them up there and stayed for 2 days.  Then the boys stayed for an additional few days and flew back with my parents.

Unfortunately, the trip didn't start off as planned.  They were supposed to depart Birmingham at 6:30AM and arrive in Peoria at 10:30AM.  Sadly, they had maintenance issues in Birmingham, and missed their connection.  By the time they finally made it to Atlanta, all of the flights into Peoria were booked, so they were on standby for an afternoon flight.  Brian and the kids handled the 4 hour delay well though.

kids with tallest man

When they finally arrived, they got settled and ran around on the golf course some.  My parents spoke to friends and went to a lot of work coming up with plenty of activities for the kids to do during their stay, always more than one activity each day.  They kicked off their first full day visiting the "Ripley's Believe It or Not" museum.  It was quite the hit, and they spent hours there.  That afternoon they went swimming at CCP.  After resting a little late afternoon, they returned to the club to eat dinner on the terrace.

Pres went off the high dive multiple times
dinner on the CCP terrace
kids at waterpark
Sunday, they got an early start and went to a nearby water park.  They played for a couple of hours, and then took Brian and Henley to the airport.  Then Nene and Poppy took the boys to play miniature golf and out to eat for Mexican (Preston's favorite).  That evening when I spoke to Pres I asked him if he was having fun.  I got a confident "yes," and then I asked him what his favorite thing was so far.  He told me "Poppy's hunting camp."  I told him that he hadn't gone yet, but he said "I know that will be my favorite and I am going tomorrow."

the boys with Poppy after mini golf
Preston's catch...a blue gill
So Monday was the day they drove to Honker's Corner.  There they road on the four-wheeler, went fishing, and even shot a couple of different guns at targets.  It truly was the highlight of Preston's trip! 

He was OVER THE MOON when he got to shoot a 22 rifle and bb gun (pistol).  My dad set up targets for them to aim at, and then he proceeded to teach them how to look through the eye piece to see the target.  The rifle ended up kicking too much, so they stuck with handgun.

As if a day at the camp wasn't enough, they went bowling that evening!  The boys did great for the first game, but ended up losing to Poppy in the second game.
They concluded their trip with a visit to the tower in Peoria Heights, another game of miniature golf, more late night golf ball hunting, and more rootbeer floats.  Though they were gone for six days, they got along pretty well and never got homesick.  But I tell you what....I missed my boy!  Since Steve was at a work dinner the night he arrived back in Birmingham, I loaded up the kids and headed to the airport at 9pm to get him.  Both Walker and Bennett fell asleep, so only I greeted him with much enthusiasm!  He chatted the whole way home about all of his adventures, and promised to show me the pictures he took on his itouch. 
What an incredible trip for my little man!  He had a blast bonding with his Nene and Poppy, and Christian!  I know these memories will be with him for a long time, and I am blessed for that.  He truly loves spending time with his grandparents (all of them), so what a great gift for them too.
Thank you Mom and Dad!

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