Saturday, September 20, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Preston!!

8lbs 5oz of love!
Six years ago I gave birth to a little boy, who we named long before we ever met him.  Since I did not work after the birth of Preston, he quickly became a mama's boy, and I loved every minute of it.  He was a happy baby, even though he had awful reflux.  We always called him our "happy puker" because he never fussed about it...just spit up and moved on doing whatever he was doing.  All of the shirts I wore were stained yellow on the shoulders from his spit up, and all of his clothes were completely ruined....but it was worth all of it!

And baby made four...

We all loved him from the start, even Bennett!  Over the next several years, Preston grew to be quite a vivacious little boy!  He was a negotiator from an early age, and his tactics haven't stopped...just improved.  If he isn't an attorney when he gets older, he will have missed his calling.  He has also been a boy with many faces, and that too has just gotten more perfected with time.  Because of that skill, he has always been an easy kid to read.  Though he may anger quickly, he forgives fast and loves hard.

Preston is very smart, agile, habitual, super competitive and analytical.  I love the way this boy thinks, and he never stops thinking!!
All of his wonderful traits and quirky habits make this little boy such a special part of our family.

The past six years have gone by so quickly, and time has to slow down!  During this year, Pres has started kindergarten, continued to on Birmingham Swim League, and plays baseball (coach pitch).  These changes have really tired out Preston, but he is managing the changes fairly well.

Lunch at SCE with birthday boy
contract made with Daddy
the coveted Ipad Mini that he wanted!
Birthday Dinner w/ Reid
For Preston's birthday this year, he chose to go out for Mexican with the family (and invite one friend, Reid Johnson).  With all of the cash he received from his grandparents, Uncle Dan and us, he was able to get the Ipad Mini, which he has wanted for months.  In addition, he scored tons of new artillery....fake, of course.  Ever since he returned from shooting a real gun at Poppy's hunting camp, he has been infatuated with guns.  In addition, his buddy Reid has a plethora of them at his house, and he has been eyeing several of those.  Reid gave Pres one identical to one he has, and then he got another one from a buddy in his class and two more cool ones from Goo and Shell and Aunt Shannon and Uncle Brian.  Needless to say, he had a terrific birthday!

Preston continued the birthday celebration the following day at the birthday party he helped plan.  He chose to have it at AirWalk, and he invited some of his new friends in his class, in addition to a few older friends.  In typical Preston fashion, he also chose his own birthday Angry Birds theme.  He had a big time!

And my favorite thing to record for each birthday....the birthday interview........
Anxious to see where the next year takes this little boy!  Happy 6th Birthday Preston, we love you BIG MUCH!!

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