Friday, October 31, 2014

Homewood Witches Ride

The 2nd Annual Homewood Witches Ride is a fundraiser that benefits the American Cancer Society by celebrating the spirit of a friend's mother.  Her mom used to hold one of these in her hometown at the beach, so after she passed away....Janie decided to carry on the tradition, but turn it into a fundraiser for cancer (the disease that ultimately took her mother's life).  Since I was pretty pregnant last Halloween, I did not participate, so I was super excited to do it this year.

pre-party crew
Last year was a success, but the press it received made this year's event even grander, with over 200 witches riding the streets of Homewood.  It was so much fun to get dressed, do my make-up and decorate my bike.  Several of us gathered beforehand for a pre-party, then everyone met at Janie's store.  Since we departed at dusk, we were all adorned with glow sticks (even our bikes).  The point of the race is to raise awareness for cancer, but the witches all throw candy to the children.  There were kids lining the streets for the path of the short bike ride. 

Though they say you never forget to ride a bike, I can't say that is true for some of the women riding.  Then you couple that with riding amongst 200 other people AND throwing candy....well that proved to be way too difficult for some.  Luckily I managed to stay upright, but I witnessed several accidents.  Some wiped out after getting off balance while throwing, others had to stop suddenly when a child ran out in front of them, and then the person behind them rear-ended them.  I even saw one hit a parked car!  It really was quite comical (only because no one was really hurt)!

Following the race, everyone ended back at her store where they had a food and an ice cream truck.  She did a champagne toast and thanked everyone, and we called it a wrap.  Several of us went to dinner afterward, and it proved to be such a fun night!  Can't wait for next year!
Tabby, Mary Michael and Kadie

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