Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Walker's Progression...Almost 10 Months Already!

It is ABSOLUTELY amazing how fast the past 10 months have gone by!  Granted we are busy, but life with three has been terrific.  We are totally in our groove, and Walker fits in perfectly.  He has made a lot of progress the past couple of months, so let me try and sum it up.

1st Day of PDO with Crystal and Holly
First and foremost, my lil man has started mother's day out at Trinity.  He is thriving and loves it, never crying when I drop him off.  He has a very small class (only four children to the two teachers), so he gets a lot of attention and playtime with his buddies.

To say that he is the typical third child, is an understatement.  Walker gets carted everywhere, and does a great job of going with the flow.  He only gets a regular nap in his crib in the afternoon, and has learned to treasure his cat naps in the stroller, carseat or the arms of whoever is holding him. more baths!
However, as much attention as Walker gets from all of us, he is progressing along just fine.  He knows all he needs to do is cry a little and someone (usually Bennett or me) will pick him up.  In addition, he has mastered his pulling up and coasting along furniture, walls and people this past month.  The past couple of weeks, he is even standing unassisted.  We predict he will be walking by Thanksgiving.   Until then, our house has become one big trap!  We have baby gates up, locks on drawers and cabinets and we have to keep lots of doors closed.  Walker is into EVERYTHING!!  If we aren't prepared, he will unroll toilet paper in the bathrooms, dump out Beckham's water bowl, empty drawers, play in trash cans, climb stairs and anything else annoying that you can think of!
pulling up on everything
best pals with Beckham
climbing stairs every chance he gets
happy boy!

upset with cabinet locks
During the month of October, we introduced table food...and he LOVES it!!  Initially we did it cautiously because he didn't have teeth, but he did well chewing it so we kept trying new items.  So far, he loves everything but eggs and broccoli (but we will try them again soon).  Now as the end of the month approaches, he has tried burger, steak, lamb, chicken, kibbee, turkey, bananas, strawberries, blackberries, carrots, squash, asparagus, tomatoes, pasta, oatmeal, cheese, crackers, and several desserts.  He is a wonderful eater so far...and we are keeping our fingers crossed that nothing changes!  The only problem we are having is that he is quite demanding when he is hungry.  He cries out in between bites to remind us to continue feeding him (he isn't feeding himself yet).

he loves looking out the window now that he is tall enough
As this past month comes to an end, we can now see three little teeth - his top two and one bottom one.  He is changing every day, babbling more and exploring every inch of our house.  He still hasn't said "mama," which saddens me terribly, but I know he loves me.  He is very efficient at pulling up on anything, and is now confident enough to stand alone.  As his balance improves over the next few weeks, I won't be surprised to see him walking.

At almost 10 months old, he weighs right at 22lbs, is wearing 12-18 month clothes, and still has the beautiful blue eyes that he was born with.  We love you Walker!
receiving some love from Henley

naughty boy playing with toilet paper
"Look hands!"

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