Monday, November 10, 2014

Bennett's Smile is Changing

Before (top center tooth)
My seven year old has been a late bloomer for sure, but over the past couple of months, she has FINALLY started losing teeth.  In fact, she just lost her third tooth, again with the help of her Daddy.  It has been loose for sometime, but she wasn't brave enough to wiggle it hard or... Lord forbid, twist it.  So Steve has waited for them to almost fall out before pulling each one out.  Thankfully she trusts him, and he has done a good job extracting them.

Steve tugging and wiggling...

...unfortunately not without some pain
But it finally came out!
She was so excited to lose it, and immediately went upstairs to get her tooth pillow....the same pillow that I used as a child.  She carefully placed her tooth in the little pocket, and put it right next to her pillow on the bed.  Sadly, she awoke very disappointed because the tooth fairy didn't come.  Since this was the second time in a row this happened, she was devastated (can you believe it?!)  Steve and I tried to distract her and told her it would work out.  She was faithful, and said that she would leave her pillow and tooth upstairs, just in case the tooth fairy came while she was at school.

Fortunately she did!  And not only did she come, the fairy left a personal note along with a $2 bill.  Bennett was thrilled!  In fact, she has already written a note back to the tooth fairy asking her name.  So now we are waiting for the next tooth to fall out, so we can find out her name.  So happy that it all ended well for our little girl.

Bennett was impressed by her handwriting :)

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