Sunday, November 2, 2014

May the Force Be with You!

Halloween this year was a lot of fun with the three kiddos.  The big kids agreed to a theme, so we went with Star Wars.  Preston went as Darth Vader, Bennett as Princess Leia and Walker as Yoda.  They all got into it, and they looked adorable!

My parents came in last minute, and were able to be a mystery reader for Bennett's class that week, and go trick or treating with us.  Though the weather was MUCH colder than we expected it to be, we all powered through it and had fun.

Mom reading to B's class
B helped read the book too
My mom agreed to read, but not without a lot of worrying.  I chose an age appropriate book for her to read, and she practiced reading it probably 20 times (no joke).  I reminded her that she was reading to 2nd graders and to not panic.  Fortunately, it all worked fact Bennett even helped her read the book, which helped her relax.  Thanks Dad for the photos!  Afterward, they dined on some glamorous cafeteria food with Bennett.  She was thrilled to have new guests, and all of the kids in her class flocked to their table.  They all love to eat with the adults.

Ms. Morrison's 2nd grade class
The rest of the week was made up of a lot of relaxing, some shopping, and the ever present connect four games!  Since I had a babysitter for Walker during the day, I was even able to carve pumpkins with Bennett's class.  It turned out to be a lot tougher than we thought, so many just drew faces on them.  Regardless of what they chose, it was a pretty day and the kids had fun just being outside.

Thursday night, I participated in the Homewood Witches Ride, which rode right in front of our house.  The kids, my parents and Steve were all out watching the witches and gathering candy.  They got so much candy that night, that our abbreviated night on Halloween didn't even matter. 

By the end of the two days, they each had huge bags of loot (that I happily ate off of until all of the good stuff was gone).  The kids are still enjoying all of the sugar, but it will soon be gone!  So until next year....


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