Thursday, November 20, 2014

Preston is Jumping Small Hurdles

As everyone knows, we have the pickiest eater in town with Preston.  Since getting off baby food, he has sustained himself with peanut butter on crackers, milk, yogurt, dry cereal, orange juice, bacon, processed chicken nuggets and the occasional piece of margarita pizza.  Due to the protein in the peanut butter and milk, he has maintained an average weight and height for his age so our pediatrician has never been concerned. 

However, his brain and gag reflex have caused the problem.  Pres has no issue eating any junk food that is chewy, crunchy or any other random texture....but when it comes to healthy food, he locks up.  Preston hasn't eaten any fruits or vegetables in years, which is what concerns us the most.  So at his six year check-up, I asked for a referral to the feeding clinic at Children's Hospital in Birmingham.  Little did I know it would take 6 months to get an appointment!

The feeding clinic has a gastro doctor, occupational therapist, psychologist and dietitian.  Since he was scoped a couple of years ago, we know that he doesn't have any structural issues internally (which is good), so it is all in his head.  Over the summer Steve put him in "daddy bootcamp" and converted him from peanut butter on crackers to peanut butter sandwiches.  And this Fall, he made him eat a grilled cheese, cheese pizza, a hamburger, waffles and a few fruits.  Pres still hasn't warmed up to eating burgers and fruit, but he regularly eats grilled cheeses and waffles now.

We are continuing to reward him when he tries something new (and keeps it down), but we are hoping the feeding clinic can get us over the last couple of hurdles.  His appetite is growing due to all of the exercise he is getting from his sports, and I imagine a growth spurt that he is about to go through, but he always asks for the same items.  Amazing that he hasn't grown tired of peanut butter after eating it daily for the past four years, but he hasn't.  We are happy that he has tried some new things, but he is also so proud of himself....which makes it even better.  Stay tuned for new foods that he continues to sample thanks to a VERY patient Daddy.

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