Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thankgiving Getaway

This year we decided to try something new, and travel to the beach for the week of Thanksgiving.  The kids were out of school for the week, so they didn't have to miss anything.  We rented a house in Seacrest that was dog friendly, so we even took Beckham with us for his first beach trip.  We tried to convince my parents to join us, but it didn't work out so the Frys joined us instead.  We had other friends there too, so the kids had plenty of friends to play with all week long. 

It rained a couple of days, but that didn't stop us from having fun.  We enjoyed many good meals at some of our favorite restaurants and cooked some delicious food at our house.  We took lots of bike rides, played on the beach, hunted seashells, played texas hold'em with the kids, worked on a 1000 piece puzzle and practiced was perfect!

Beck was in heaven at the beach....running in the sand, scaring seagulls off the beach, playing in the surf and with other dogs, running alongside of us on our bike rides and hanging out on furniture (which he isn't allowed to do at home).  He has never had so much exercise, and literally LOVED his first trip with us.  Though he didn't have free reign in a yard like here, I think he would trade in his life here for beach life any day of the week.  Can't you just see the happiness in his face?

Our other baby enjoyed the beach too!  Though this is his 4th trip to the beach, this is the first one where he was mobile.  In fact, he learned to walk about a week before we left for our trip.  He was still shaky on his feet, especially in the sand, but he loved his new independence!  He played well in the sand with various toys, walked/crawled toward the water every opportunity he got, and just loved all of the attention he received from friends.

Fun at Dusty's
The other kids are pros at the beach!  They know what they like to do, and do the same things.  The one change this trip was the making of new friends in our neighborhood.  There was such a large group of kids, they had fun playing kickball and hide and seek.  As always, we hated to leave.
Walker and his bevy of girls
our pretty girl holding the sun
Pres and Lily
Caroline and Bennett
tuckered out and snuggling

Look who visited the beach!

Best of many, just happy no tears from Walker
decorating cookies
Wine Tasting at Wild Olives in Rosemary
Always fun at the beach, but more so with friends and family!  Hopefully we will make it down again real soon!

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