Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Winter One-derland!

Walker's 1st birthday party was a success!  I can't even believe how quickly this past year has gone...like a blink of an eye!  Walker is a much loved little boy (can't really say "baby" anymore), and he thrives on all of attention that he receives...from me, Steve, his siblings, our family members, neighbors, and all of our friends.  Shockingly, he still loves to be held, and will go to just about anyone, except when he is playing the "shoo away game."

Since Walker's birthday falls so closely to Christmas, we decided to have his party on the 27th to capture all of our family members.  Steve and I did all of the prep work, and everyone made it.  We had lunch, sang "happy birthday" to Walker, and opened presents.  Of course, his favorite things was the bunch of balloons, which he carried around all day!
love those legwarmers and stocking cap!

running away from Goo

We used the colors of his invitation and outfit, and used the "winter wonderland" theme.  Though Walker wasn't feeling 100%, he enjoyed all of the love from everyone and managed to stay awake for the whole party.  Here are some more photos from the party.
pulled chicken & pork carnitas

Walker's smash cake
The cake for everyone else
Having fun with Uncle Dan

Singing "Happy Birthday"
trying to figure out how to eat the cake
enjoying feeding B more than himself

not bad.....
finally getting into it...
...until he got cake in his eye....pitiful

Happy 1st Birthday Walker!!!

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