Saturday, January 3, 2015

Closing Out 2014!

2014 started off wonderfully with the birth of Walker!  It continued to go well, but FLEW by!  We took several vacations: 4 week long trips to the beach, an Oregon/Wine Tasting trip with just Steve and me, a hunting trip for Steve and some guys, and two girls trips for me....WHAT A YEAR!!  All of our children continue to thrive and do well in school.  And we all have our health, a blessing in itself! 

Though we had a heck of a year, we know there are some challenges ahead of us....with Steve more than likely changing jobs.  Since we don't know where that could take us, we are milking our time with family and friends and cautiously moving into 2015.

To celebrate the close of this past year, we dined with three other couples.  Alisha and Ken Johnson hosted us, and cooked everything...and it was divine!  We showed up at 6:30, and were promptly served prosecco.  We snacked on a few appetizers, and then sat down for our first course: scallops in a burre blanc!  In the past, I haven't really cared for scallops, but these were incredible and had awesome flavor.

me, Alisha, Kadie and Jennifer

The second course didn't disappoint either, with beef tenderloin and potatoes.  Complimented with some delicious wines along the way, we did not leave a bite on our plates.  We finished off our meal with biscotti and port.  All I can say is WOW!  We had a blast telling stories and making fun of each other, and was a perfect way to spend the night.  So bring on 2015, we are ready!!

Michael, Steve, Dan and Ken

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