Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Swim Season is Almost Over

Luke and Pres

With only the districts meet left, the multiple practices a week have paid off greatly.  Both kids can swim all four strokes (some better than others), and they have continued to improve their times and endurance.  In fact, last weekend both kids swam their first 50 yard events (50 yd free and back), and were entered to swim all four strokes.  Though they still have lots to work on, it is amazing to watch them and see how far they have come.

For those who are unfamiliar with BSL and these meets, they are two day meets, with the young children swimming 8-12 each morning, and the older children swimming each afternoon.  Since they have to be there to warm-up by 7:15, it becomes a long morning.  As much as we love watching them swim, the events they participate in last less than a minute....and then we are waiting for the next event.

BSL cheering before meet starts
Needless to say, there is a lot of down time between events.  Thankfully they have friends there, but there are also a lot of ipads, coloring and eating going on between events.

P with Miss Taylor
Sunday was a little different though...the morning flew by due to all of the cheerleaders that came to watch the kids.  We need to thank Brian, Christian and Henley (Shannon was home with sick Lucy), and Preston's teacher!  Both didn't come and just watch one event, they stayed for a couple of hours.  It meant the world to the kids.  They both looked back at their cheering section when they were on the block, and then proceeded to give it their all.

What a weekend!

6/10/2014 6/17/2014 7/8/2014 7/22/2014 9/27/2014 11/8/2014 1/31/2015
Bennett 25 yd free 34.67 34.52 33 32.75 31.63 28.22 25.54
25 yd back 41.93 41.93 34.67 34.79 32.57 31.11 32.87
25 yd breast - - DQ - - - DQ
25 yd fly - 50.22 - 55.65 DQ   36.82
50 yd free             62.52
50 yd back             71.93
6/10/2014 6/17/2014 7/8/2014 7/22/2014 9/27/2014 11/8/2014 1/31/2015
Preston 25 yd free 39.25 37.97 35.13 32.27 30.91 30.38 26.37
25 yd back     39.17 33.43 29.31 29.31 26.63
25 yd breast - DQ - - - - -
25 yd fly - - 38.27 42.82 DQ   29.52
50 yd free             58.96
50 yd back             61.5 (DQ)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

3rd Annual Daddy-Daughter Dance!!

This is Bennett's third year in the Girl Scouts, and every winter (near Valentine's Day), there is a father-daughter dance with several other local troops.  Bennett LOVES this night!  She likes nothing more than getting dressed up and going on a date with her daddy.  They chose to try a newer, casual restaurant this year - Melt.  They specialize in gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.  Both enjoyed it.
Following dinner, they headed to the dance, which was at the McWane Science Center.  There they cut a rug, and then Bennett went and explored the museum with her friends.  They stayed the whole time, and had another wonderful evening together.

There is nothing better than our daughter learning how to be treated like a princess from a man who loves her more than anything.  Hopefully she will never forget to demand respect from any male in her life in the future.