Saturday, March 14, 2015

2nd Grade Musical

Thursday night we had the pleasure of attending another entertaining musical at Shades Cahaba.  "Character Street" was a darling little performance about using courage, good judgment, respect, self discipline, integrity, responsibility and kindness when going through your daily activities.  It had a great message, and the children were genuinely having fun on stage. 

For once, we lucked out and had good seats, on the right side of the stage AND Bennett was in the first row!  Bennett did great, could see all of us, and smiled the entire time.  She had a small line, and did awesome!

Following her performance, we took her out with a classmate, Grady McClain, and his parents for a nice dinner.  We had a great night, and the kids had fun together and staying up late.

Pres loved seeing the musical twice!
B and Grady

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