Monday, April 6, 2015

Staycation 2015!

Who knew staying at home could be so fun!?!  After our last two trips to the beach for spring break with wishy-washy weather....we decided to try something new...staying at home!  The kids weren't thrilled, but we reminded them that they went skiing a few weeks before, and now it was time to stay at home and have fun.

So they put a list together of "must do's" and each day we tackled an item.  We kicked off our Spring Break 2015 with a day trip to Tuscaloosa to watch the Blue Angels.  I worried that the kids would lose interest, but they stayed for the entire show, and loved it!  Thanks to Uncle Dan for securing the tickets and buying each of the kids an airplane to remember the special day.  They loved learning about the various aircraft, and watching all of the acrobat airplanes, helicopters and of course, the Blue Angels....especially when the planes would come out of the clouds when they least expected it and scare everyone.

Uncle Dan with the kids

On Sunday, we had a family day.  We went to church, had lunch at a new place for us, and then we went hiking at Moss Park Preserve.  It was a cloudy day, but it was perfect for hiking and exploring the new terrain.  Steve and I took turns carrying Walker, and he even walked and explored some on his own.  Even Beckham got to join in on the fun.  The overcast day made it perfect for being outside....not too hot!

Our goofballs!

Monday, we decided to hit the zoo!  Though we have been a hundred times, we all still enjoy visiting it.  In addition, Walker hadn't really walked around and visited the animals.  We spent the morning there checking out all of the animals, and even riding on one of the new traveling exhibits (a tube slide).  Caroline joined us, and it was a fun morning!

Playing at the zoo!
Getting ice cream!
Tuesday the kids went to Moss Park Preserve again, but with the Criggers.  Walker and I stayed home while they wore themselves out.  That night my parents arrived, and the fun with Nene and Poppy began!  We went for ice cream, we played games and lots more!

Girls at Amer Girl program
Wednesday and Thursday the kids spent time with my parents, and their cousins.  They saw a movie, went to Toys R Us, went to a library program and just played.  My kids always have a blast hanging with their grandparents, and the kicker was seeing their cousins.

Of course money was on the line for the boys!

Our "Easter Bunny" pic - he was in a car accident and never showed

Annual Easter tradition

Friday Bennett went to Myra's with Sara for their annual Easter bunny decorating.  While she had fun, we packed up the car and got ready for our night away.  We picked her up on our way up to Smith Lake to check out Brian and Shannon's new lake house.  The kids swam in the unheated pool, played outside and painted Easter eggs while we grilled out and caught up.  We ended the weekend with Easter Sunday, where we all went to church and then met back up for lunch.  What a fun staycation! 

"silly picture"

love these kiddos!
Easter morning!
Floral Cross on Easter
Easter with Nene and Poppy

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