Sunday, May 31, 2015

Memorial Day Week 2015

coloring at Great Southern Café
For Memorial Day week, we were once again loaded down with our family of five and Sara for our 8 day trip to the beach!  Everyone was excited to be finished with school, and we all love kicking off our summer with a vacation!  We managed to get an early start, and made it there for a late lunch.  Great Southern Café was calling our name, and it was a beautiful we had to go there first for some fresh seafood on their patio!  That night we had dinner with the Criggers and Jarmons and enjoyed fresh crab cakes, compliments of Brian.

On our second day, we celebrated Bennett's 8th birthday, with donuts at the donut truck (her favorite).  Since Steve was kind enough to get up early EVERY morning to set up our tent and chairs, the whole family never had to rush down to the beach.  We could go on bike rides, walks, have a leisurely breakfast, and always have a great spot right near the water.  All of the kids had a ball playing in the sand, finding seashells, boogie boarding and fishing with their nets.  They swam everyday in the pool and ocean.  We ate out several times, stayed in several nights and even managed to squeeze in one date night.  The kids had several of their friends there (the Tanners and Passarellas), plus everyone stayed pretty happy. 

He loved the beach!


Preston's big catch

underwater camera
We had pretty decent weather, with only one day of cloudiness and rain.  So we really packed in our beach time.  On Memorial Day night, we had a bonfire with a bunch of our friends....which is always a blast. We watched a movie on the green at Rosemary, hit all of our favorite spots, and even did a little shopping.  It was another great trip!
they love Say-Say

Fun at Red Bar
boogie boarding

lots of naps taken on the beach
donuts for our birthday girl

pretty girls of Sunset Beach
fireworks at Alys Beach
building sand castles with the Dads

Another great family trip

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