Saturday, May 16, 2015

Preston's First Surgery

about 45 minutes before his surgery...ready to go
Earlier this year, Steve noticed a slight hernia on Preston.  Since it wasn't painful, we decided it wasn't worth pursuing with a physician.  However, over the months it grew and protruded more.  Though it still didn't hurt, his pediatrician recommended that we have it repaired.  So a couple of weeks ago, we met with a general surgeon at Children's Hospital.  She too agreed that it needed to be repaired so we set a date.

final vitals pre-op
May 15th came quickly, but we were ready.  Bennett spent the night with the Criggers and Walker was with Steve's parents.  The rest of us woke up super early to make it to the hospital by 6:00am.  We completed paperwork, got Preston prepped for surgery and then waited.  His surgery time was 8:15, but he was ready to go back by 7:30 and wasn't nervous at all.  They finally came to get him a little before 8:00. 

relaxing on the way to the car
Preston was excited for the "ride" down the hall.  He got to see the bubble wall, get skittle flavored gas and popsicles following surgery....what more could a kid ask for, right?!  I, on the other hand, cried when they wheeled him out.  I knew deep down that everything would be okay (we had so many people praying for our sweet boy), but he was my first child to receive anesthesia, and that is just a nerve-racking feeling.

Around 8:45 his surgeon came out and said it all went well and he was in recovery.  By 9:30 he was back in our room.  He was still kind of out of it, but was crying and complaining of pain.  After a dose of Oxycodone, it didn't take long before he became a slug.  We wheeled him out in a wagon while he clutched onto a melting popsicle.  He slept on the short ride home, and took a three hour nap.  When he awoke, he was a new kid.

the oxy knocked him out!
Saturday morning he appeared to be like himself, but we laid low all morning so he didn't push it.  However, that afternoon we went to a crawfish boil and Preston played baseball, tortured crawfish and hung out with friends for hours....never once complaining about his incision.  We feel thankful that all went well, and hope the recovery continues to go smoothly.  He has to be out of the pool for a week, but he will be ready to jump in the waves this Friday at the beach!

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