Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Year-end Musicals

1st and last day of school
To say that Preston has thrived in kindergarten is an understatement.  He has really grown up....even his first and last day of school pictures prove that.  He had a fabulous teacher, Miss Taylor, who we all fell in love with.  She even volunteered to babysit for all of the kids this summer!

Preston continued to excel with his reading, finishing his year at a "K" reading level.  However, he prefers math and science (just like his Daddy).  He made several new friends throughout the year, and is anxious to return in the fall as a first grader.

However, before the year ended...both kids had their musicals to prepare for and perform.  At SCE, every other grade (K, 2nd and 4th) perform musicals.  Both kids practiced for a month, learning all of the words to their songs, in addition to any dance moves.  Preston's was the "Barnyard Moosical."  It was darling, as they always are.  His class dressed up as pigs.

P, Miss Taylor and Jon David Lowe
Bennett's musical was just as cute, but with more solos and dance moves.   It was called "Character Street," and had a great message about character and what it meant.  Bennett was lucky enough to be in the first row, and she had a small speaking part (which she did perfectly).  Since her program was at night, we got a sitter for Walker.  Following the program, we took Preston home too, and went out for a celebratory dinner with just Bennett another classmate and his parents.  The kids loved the individual attention.


Bennett and Grady after dinner

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