Sunday, June 21, 2015

Camp Winnataska

Back in December I asked the kids what camps they wanted to do.  I heard an overwhelming reply of "Camp Winnataska," so I coordinated with some of their friends and chose a week in June when they would go together.  I try to send them early in the summer, before it gets too hot, however this year it ended up being SUPER hot the week that they went.  Bennett was signed up for a week long stay, but Preston was only going for a half week.

Caroline, Pres, Carmen and Bennett at check-in
However, as we were getting the kids settled into their huts, we learned that there was an opening in Preston's hut for the second half of the week. So we asked him before we left if he would want to stay.  He said "yeah, maybe so I can watch them burn down that stupid bridge."  So before we left, Steve talked to the director, and told her to let us know if he can stay. 

By Tuesday, I knew he would want to stay.  All of the pictures I was seeing looked like he was having a blast.  He had three buddies in his hut, Christian next door, and Bennett across the grass.  We can send emails to the kids, but can't get replies.  So I eventually heard from the director that he definitely wanted to stay, so I packed him another bag, and sent it up with a friend. 

Bennett with her SCE girlfriends, all in the same hut!
It was certainly tough not being to talk to either child for 6 days, but to top it off, Steve was away on business that week.  So it was just Walker and me all week long.  At first he was a little confused, but he eventually got used to the quiet and was my buddy.  However, come Saturday morning....I was MORE than ready to pick up my babies and hear all of their stories!  Thankfully they both had a blast!

When the saw us, they ran up to Steve for a bear hug.  Preston was tearing up, and Bennett was all smiles.  They were both exhausted and hungry, but can't wait to return next year.  Preston wants to go for two weeks! 

Night 1

Here are pics from their week at camp:

Mission Impossible, Night 2

My pretty little fish!
A photo together?  Eating S'Mores = happy!

Hawaiian Night - Night 4

5 loads of laundry!
Hugging Daddy!

Kids with their favorite counselors
Love my babies!  So happy they love camp!

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