Monday, June 22, 2015

Walker - Almost 18 Months Already!

Look Mom - I can balance!
It is hard to believe that our lil guy will be 18 months at the end of this month.  Time is flying by!!  Walker is growing quickly, and quite the handful, but we all love him.  So much so, that he is probably behind the learning curve for language since he has all of us and lots of friends talking for him and doting on him.  In fact, he still doesn't say "mama" or "mommy."  It breaks my heart, but what can I do?  We read picture books and I state what everything is, but he calls everything "this," and everyone "dada."  Hopefully he will begin to talk soon, as it would cut down on the frustration on both sides tremendously.

climbing into the washing machine

He is an otherwise typical toddler....screaming when he doesn't get his way, throwing toys and food when he is done with them and testing the limits whenever he can.  The one thing that is so different about Walker from my other two, is how much of a climber he is.  For the past few months, he has been climbing on and off furniture and tables, climbing up bookshelves and bar stools, and attempting the stairs all by himself.  He hates his highchair, and prefers to sit at the table or on a barstool like the other kids.  He certainly requires a close eye at all times.  Things happen quickly with this monkey, but here are just a few examples:

1) One time he was out on the deck playing with Preston, who evidently got distracted by the TV.  We came out to get him, and he wasn't on the deck anymore.  We called for him, and began the mad dash all over the first floor of our house, but with no luck.  Steve opened the door off the deck (which had been locked) on a whim, and saw Walker sitting on his car in the backyard!  He had climbed through the doggie door and went down about 20 deck steps without falling! (16 mos)
2) Walker loves our appliances, and climbs into the dishwasher, washing machine and oven....thankfully when none of them are on.
3) Since he and Beckham have been raised together, they certainly have a bond.  Walker feeds him, Beck steals his food, Walker stands on him, pulls his hair, but Beck has never bitten him. 
4) Lastly, Walker is at the age where he is testing his limits:  he can reach the counters, and pulls things down; he can open doors, bottles of water/sippy cups and loves to dump them on the floor, and whenever he gets caught doing something he knows he shouldn't be doing, he runs like he stole something laughing.

He certainly is cute, and thank goodness he is!  He is definitely giving us a run for our money!
climbed onto the stool all by himself in less than 1 minute

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