Tuesday, July 21, 2015

3rd Annual Banta-Mizerany Beach Trip

Every time we leave the beach, we look forward to our next trip.  After our Memorial Day vacation, we were sad as we headed home, but we knew we would be back in 6 weeks.  Our mid July trip marked our 3rd annual Banta/Mizerany beach trip to the panhandle!  The house we booked is owned by a family in Birmingham, and it worked out perfectly!  It had a small private pool, is located in a gated neighborhood, close to the beach, and had a perfect location in regards to amenities.  To top it off, we had five bedrooms to spread out in each night!

fun at the splash pad
shark that they caught...everyone gathered to see and take a picture
As always, we had a great trip!  We had some delicious seafood, the cousins got to have plenty of one-on-one time, and my parents got to have all of their family under one roof for a week!  The weather ended up being great the week we were there, so we got plenty of beach time!  The kids fished, learned to surf, played beach baseball, built tons of sand castles, found lots of pretty shells and had several special desserts throughout the week!  Now don't get me wrong, we had down time too.  There were naps on the beach, fun on iPads, golf on TV for the adults and plenty of cocktails throughout the week!  We even managed to exercise some with morning bike rides, walks on the beach and runs through the neighborhoods.  Man how we love the beach and all it has to offer!

Nene and Poppy with the 4 oldest
sweet cousins under water in the Gulf
these two think they are so cool!
Walker loves the water
trying to catch bait fish with their nets
Fun in Rosemary...puppies and a zombie
Pres catching a wave
Bennett surfing
The Bantas and Mizeranys
Another trip in the memory book!  Thanks Mom and Dad!  We have more fun times to look forward to this year, and hopefully another beach trip will be booked for next summer! 

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