Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Summer Swim Season Comes to a Close

Uncle Dan supporting kids

Birmingham Swim League was a great way to keep our kids in cardiovascular shape all year, but by mid April both kids were starting to burn out from swimming every day.  I hated quitting before summer swimming started, since I knew they would add some time to their events, but the end of the school year is so busy and they really wanted a break.  In addition, Preston was playing baseball three nights a week, so he was burning the candle at both ends.

silly selfie
Since long course swimming officially starts mid winter for BSL, it really was the perfect time to sit out.  Thankfully, both kids were able to get official times for 50 yard free and back, and cut time with their normal 25 yard strokes before our leave of absence. 

B with her relay
Skip ahead a few months....when Homewood Swim season started.  Both kids were happy and excited to swim again.  They love their summer coaches, and have a ton of friends to swim with, which makes it even more fun.  The break did them well, and they came off the blocks strong!  They both gained a little time at their first meet, but they did better after that, especially Preston.

Bennett hit a plateau mid summer, which didn't seem to bother her at all, but Preston did well.  He hit his best 25yd free score early (6/23/15) with 19.98 seconds and shaved a little more with his back and fly the following weeks.  And with his young age group, he was able to qualify for the Senior County Meet, and swim all four strokes, in addition to the 50yd free and 100 IM.  It was his first IM, and he definitely was tired at the end, but he made it without getting disqualified (something we are so proud of him for doing).  He ended on a bang, and was even the third highest point scorer in his age range at the Sr Cty Meet (for which he received a trophy).

P at Senior County Meet


swim family (sans Walker)

Kids with Coach Brittany

The night after the big meet, the kids attended the end of the summer party and awards ceremony.  The swim team had rented out the whole pool so the kids and their families could night swim after they received their awards.  Both kids were pleased with their trophies, and Preston also was awarded "Outstanding Swimmer" in his 6 and under age group.

We are so proud of our kids, especially after seeing so much improvement over the past year.  The 3-4 times a week they practiced for a whole year really paid off for them.  Not sure if swimming will become a sport they choose to participate in forever, but we sure are happy with the skills they have acquired thus far.

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