Thursday, September 17, 2015

Happy 7th Birthday Preston!

1 Day Old
I can't believe how fast all of our children are growing up and changing.  Their hairstyles are changing, their clothes preferences are changing, their interests are changing....they are becoming individuals!  This month Preston turned 7 years old!

As much as I want all of our children to look like me, have my tendencies/habits and share my interests....Preston is his Daddy!  He looks like his Daddy, he is athletic like his Daddy, and he is analytical like his Daddy.  The only thing I have going for me with Preston, is the fact that he likes to snuggle with me and he is good at manipulating his mommy.  The only other reach is our LOVE for Mexican food, primarily cheese dip!  I blame my cravings for Mexican food during my pregnancies for the reason my boys LOVE Mexican food now!

7 Years Old

I think Preston had a pretty good birthday...he opened presents before school, Steve and I surprised him at school as mystery readers, and then had lunch with him and his class.  We even pulled out the "selfie stick" in the cafeteria, which was a big hit amongst the kids.

7 yrs old at SCE

Mystery Reader for Bday Boy!
Goofy 1st Graders!
The other table of Ms Jones' students

Of course after school, Pres wanted his birthday celebration to continue, so after swim team practice, we let him pick where he wanted to eat.  He chose Tecate!  We had a great dinner, and completed the annual birthday questionnaire.  Just when Pres thought we were wrapping things up, they surprised him with a large sombrero and sang Happy Birthday to him!  He was so startled, yet so happy was awesome!

My lil stud
Love each and every one of our children, and their unique personalities!  Happy Birthday Preston, we love you BIG much!!

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