Sunday, September 27, 2015

Taylor Swift

I believe everyone can recall their first concert, mine was supposed to be the Beastie Boys, but they cancelled the show last minute.  So when Bennett asked to go see "Fresh Beat Band" a year ago, I stalled.  They were a band on a TV show, and were incredibly goofy.  I was holding out for something better, and the best became available when Taylor Swift started touring.  She is one of the best pop country singers, and has grown up and evolved into a wonderful singer, performer and role model for our little girls.  She writes wonderful music that is from her heart, and she was coming to Nashville this Fall! 

Shannon and I decided that we would take the girls together, a fun memory for them to share.  So we pulled the girls out of school half day, and drove up to Nashville.  We checked into our hotel room, got ready and the girls decorated posters for the concert.  We listened to her "1989" album, which was what this tour was based on, and just hung out.  We had VIP tickets, which got us in early to eat dinner, have cocktails and listen to the opening acts.
So excited for their big night!
Just us girls
When we got to our seats we found bracelets taped to each seat.  We put them on, but didn't realize the significance until the show started.  Taylor kicked off the show at 9:15PM, and the whole arena was aglow with everyone's computer operated bracelets!  They glowed pink, blue and green and it really was cool to look around and see everyone's wrists matching as we danced for the next two hours.  
Steven Tyler
Moving catwalk
Alison Krause
Thrilled about her new T Swift tshirt
Something special about this tour for Taylor has been her special guests.  Every concert, in every city, she has had a guest performer sing a song with her.  Being in her home of Nashville, we were excited to see who she had lined up.  Lucky us, she had three: Kelsea Ballerini, Steven Tyler and Alison Krause!  Of course the girls didn't recognize her guests, but we did!!

The girls did great for the first hour of her show, but started to fade as 10:30 approached.  They were still awake, just not as enthusiastic.  Thankfully she sang "Shake it Off" at just the right time, and the girls popped up and sang along.  She stopped singing around 11:30, and then had a fireworks show in downtown Nashville following the concert, which we watched while heading back to our hotel.

Love my girl!

It was a fun-filled night, and everyone was pooped when we got home, but what fun we had!  I can't wait to see who Preston decides to see, and I hope I get to take him!

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