Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Beautiful Fall Day at Its Best!

George, Pres, Brooks and Ty
While Steve is away hunting, I am holding down the fort.  As most Saturdays are, we had a very busy day.  We started off in West Homewood watching Preston play flag football.  Sadly Bennett and I had to leave for her volleyball game and missed the two touchdowns he made for his team which led to their FIRST win all season!  Thankfully Mimi and Papa were there for his great game!  To say that Pres was excited about his performance is an understatement.

Meanwhile, over on the other side of Homewood, Bennett played volleyball.  She had a great game too, but it wasn't enough.  The poor lima beans lost another game.  But her spirit and love for the sport haven't waivered.

After lunch, the kids played outside until we headed to a friend's party at her family farm.  It was a beautiful fall day with 70 degree temps....perfection!

The kids each had friends there, so they immediately found them.  Pres started throwing the football, and Bennett did crafts.  Shortly thereafter, we took a hayride to the pumpkin patch.  Of course all of the older kids wanted the huge pumpkins, and Walker just wanted one that he could carry.

Jennifer did a great job planning this party with games like needle in the haystock, bobbing for apples, and lots of tasty snacks. Fun was definitely had by everyone, but I can only chase Walker for so long, so we packed up and drove home.

kids with their pumpkins
Chrissi, Nicole, me, Jennifer and Shannon

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