Saturday, October 3, 2015

Our Cute Lil Lima Bean

This fall Bennett decided to try something new....volleyball!  She plays for the YMCA, which is a great motivating environment.  She practices twice a week, and has games on Saturday mornings.  So far, she loves it!  Thanks to Aunt Shell, she can now serve the ball over the net.  She, along with the rest of her teammates, are still a little shy when it comes to hitting a serve or volleying the ball though.  Therefore they haven't won yet, but they have a few more games, so maybe they will get the big "W" before the season is up.

We are thrilled that she is having fun and enjoying it though, and hoping that she chooses to continue playing in the spring.  We don't know that much about volleyball, but we are slowly learning alongside of Bennett!

We especially love our lil lima bean, and her darling uniform!

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