Sunday, October 11, 2015

SCE Owl Prowl!

Every Fall at Shades Cahaba, the kids participate in a fun run.  The older kids run just under a mile, and the Kindergartners and 1st grades run 1/2 mile. 
Though Preston didn't care if I ran with him or not, I elected to do it just to pace him.  The kid takes off like a bullet, and then peters out.  Sadly this day was no different.  He is so competitive, there was no way he was going to let one of his little friends get an early lead.  So he shot off, and left me in his dust.  I didn't catch him until he made the turn (all of the kids look the same wearing their school shirts), but as soon as I saw him I could tell he was upset.  I asked him if his asthma was bothering him (it wasn't), and he finally admitted that he wanted to win, but knew that there were a couple of kids ahead of him.  So we put it into high gear and booked it all the way back to the school and down the small hill into the finish line.  Sadly he didn't place (they give awards for the top 3 kids in each grade), but he was definitely in the top ten....but that wasn't good enough.  I love Preston's drive, but if he doesn't win - he is not a happy camper.

with Jon David (P crying because he didn't win)
B and her 3rd grade girlfriends
Bennett, on the other hand, would have been as happy as a clam to just cheer on her friends and brother from the sidelines.....but she ran too.  She loved having me run with her to keep her going.

Thankfully it was a perfect day, sunny and not too hot.  In addition, every child walked away with a ribbon, regardless if they placed.

Bennett right before she started
Tate and Bennett did it!!

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