Monday, October 19, 2015

Walker at 22 months!

I truly can't believe our little guy will be 2 years old at the end of this year!  It seems like just yesterday that I was pregnant with him, and shortly thereafter carrying his happy self everywhere!  As I have eluded to in previous posts, Walker has turned into our terrible two year toddler the past several months with no signs of letting up.  Now don't get me wrong, he can be the sweetest, funniest boy, but that typically occurs when he is getting all of the attention, has had plenty of rest and has a full belly.  So we can have really good days, but it more difficult to control with the other two kiddos around.

I love periodic updates to document his personality and milestones, so I don't forget, and he knows how he was at this age.  So here it goes:

Walker LOVES his family!  He is very attached to Bennett, or "B-B" as he affectionately calls her.  However, he and "Pess" have a special bond too, as they are our two early risers.  Since Walker was very young, Preston has climbed into his crib to play with him, and lift him out before anyone else is awake.  Lately he likes his morning OJ, so I put two sippy cups in the fridge each night and Preston gets them out for each of them (before we even wake up).  Nothing makes us happier than seeing the three of them interact and genuinely love each other. 

Walker has spent more time in timeout at 1.5 years old than either of our older children.  Initially he would just walk away, but he has gotten better about staying put and looking into the corner of two walls.  He cries most times he is put in timeout, but other times he will just look at us with the "whatever" face.

This pitiful face used to cause all of us to give in, but now Bennett is the only one that comforts him anytime he cries.  Thank goodness for my little mama.

Walker still doesn't talk a lot.  He really tries, but much of what he says is still difficult to interpret for non-family members (even us sometimes).  I am hoping his love of being read books helps him talk more clearly soon, as it should help cut down on his frustration.

reading "Stinky Face," his favorite book
Walker LOVES music!  For the most part, he prefers current pop music, and can't even help himself from dancing.  He shakes his hips, throws his arms up, hops a little and twirls around.  Nothing makes me smile bigger than watching him carry around a phone or iPad listening to music.  Only a video does this justice.

Walker LOVES sweets, particularly donuts!  Overall he is a pretty good eater, but when he is full or isn't feeling something - he pushes it away, or feeds it to Beckham.  On average he eats one really good meal a day, typically lunch or dinner.  He loves his milk and orange juice, but mainly drinks water like our other two.  Like our whole family, he enjoys his Mexican food...chips, salsa, cheese dip and anything else we put in front of him.

He can eat healthy though

Other random things....Walker is obsessed with his blanket and carries it around like Linus.  It is always filthy because it goes outside, it is at the dinner table, and walker rubs his dirty face on it all of the time.  He loves to "col la," especially since his artwork on our furniture several weeks back.  We have hidden all of our markers and pens, but he doesn't discriminate with pencils and crayons.  We just make sure to hand him the writing utensil WITH a coloring book or paper.  He has a mouth full of teeth, 12 to be exact, with 4 more coming in a little each day.

I give Walker a bad rap because he tires me out each and every day, but he is my baby.  He really is everyone's baby....he is spoiled rotten.  And thankfully for him, he is a beautiful boy with those blue eyes, pouty lips and very blonde hair.  And when he smiles....we all melt!  We love you buddy!

Walker at 21.5 months old

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