Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Blue Eyed Baby is 2!

Walker loved us singing to him!
On December 30th, Walker awoke to kisses from everyone!  We then put him at the bar, and sang "Happy Birthday" to him with a candle in his favorite breakfast choice, powder donuts!  He absolutely glowed while we sang to him, and loved the attention.  Once he blew the candles out the first time, he wanted to do it over and over again.  Of course, we gave him what he wanted.

Later that night, all of the family came over for cake and ice cream.  I wasn't planning to celebrate his birthday on his actual day this year, but instead starting a tradition of celebrating on his half birthday.  However all of our family guilted me into it, so we invited them over to partake.  Though I don't believe Walker really understood it all, he loved having all of his family there, and the singing once again!

I wonder what he wished for....

yum yum!
Walker had an awesome day with all of his family, opening more presents and just getting doted on by everyone.  The beautiful thing about a two year....they don't expect much.  The simplicity of this celebration, right after the holidays, was just what his mama wanted.  Of course, I don't want to slight this baby, but he certainly isn't missing out on anything, or lacking any toys.  Thankfully his interests are simple....coloring, trucks (which Preston has plenty) and playing outside.

He was a pro at blowing out the candles that night!
We love you Walker, and hope your 2nd birthday was as awesome as you are!  We are thrilled that you are beginning to talk more, and your sparkling smile brightens everyone's days.  You weigh about 26 lbs, and have a mouthful of teeth.  You are certainly an active little boy that can be difficult at times, but you are rotten and when you have our attention (all of it), you are an angel.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Busy December!

As it is for most folks during the month of December....we have been swamped!  Steve traveled quite a bit for the first couple of weeks, while I held down the fort.  We dealt with each child getting walking pneumonia (a few days apart just to challenge us more), Bob our elf returning and his daily shenanigans, Homewood's Christmas parade, class Christmas parties for each child, Christmas parties for us, the premier of the new Star Wars movie and the Mizerany family reunion!  Now that the month (and year) are coming to an end, it is much easier to reflect on it all and the fun times.
much needed date night early December
kids in their new xmas pjs
Homewood Xmas Parade
Preston's class xmas party
silly Bob
tacky xmas sweater party
Star Wars - The Force Awakens
Steve had to take Papa since he took Steve to the 1st one years ago
until next year Bob....
Mizerany Family Reunion

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Day with the Bantas!

Christmas morning starts early every year at our house...our big kids love to get up early, and Christmas is certainly no different.  Every Christmas Eve we have to tell the kids that they can't come downstairs before 7am.  That way we can get ready to video them, and it allows us to sleep a little later (because they would otherwise get up at 5am).  However this year, Walker woke up VERY early!  We were able to get him back to sleep, but when the big kids woke up - he was still asleep.  They grew very impatient waiting for him to awake, and finally we had to wake him so Christmas could get started.

Like every year, Steve records them walking into the living room to spy what Santa brought them, and then they tear into their stockings while we drink some coffee.  Then they open the gifts that we give them.  This year my parents were here for Christmas morning too, so they got to witness all of their excitement.

B's "Princess Laia" painting

P's "Umpire" painting from Star Wars
Of course by 10:30, all of the presents were open, breakfast was eaten and gifts were being played with already.  In fact, Preston was already on a mission to crush his step goal with his new fitbit!

Even Beckham enjoyed his Christmas

By lunch all of the Bantas arrived for our third and final round of Christmas!  Everything under the tree was replenished, and the kids enjoyed the rush one last time.
so many presents!
the chocolate pen

Another awesome Christmas with family!  The adults have fun, the kids have fun, and the memories are always great!  Here's to 2016!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve with All of the Mizeranys

Christmas Eve morning started off like most other mornings during the month of December....with the kids searching for Bob.  Walker was the lucky one who found him in his bathroom on that morning.  Walker always got a kick out of seeing him in our house, but it took all month reminding him that he can't touch or hold him.  The one time he reached for him, and accidentally touched him, Bennett came unglued.... screaming and crying that his powers were going to be stripped.  I had to calm her down by convincing her that Santa would look past Walker's mistake this one time.

That night we headed over to the Mizerany's house for our annual Christmas celebration.  We dined on some Lebanese and after enough begging from the kids, we began opening gifts.  As always, we received way too much!  Bennett's theme was everything American Girl doll....a new doll, more clothes and new coordinating accessories for her and the doll.  Preston's theme was Legos!  Since he is obsessed, he got a couple new Star Wars lego kits, a crane building kit and lots of cash.  Walker has everything he could ever need from the older kids, and plays with nothing but his art supplies.  However, everyone got creative and got him a few things he didn't have like large building blocks, a big wheel, a toolbox and his own "iPad."  We stayed long enough for them all to play with their new toys some, and then packed it all in the car so they could do it all over again the next morning. 

Mizerany grandchildren

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Uncle Dan Date Day!

Right after school let out, the kids had one last swim meet.  It was a small, informal one at the pool at Samford University where they practice, so Uncle Dan came to watch them.  Both kids did great, even though they were wound up and excited for the rest of their day.  Following the meet, Uncle Dan loaded them in his car, drove them through McDonald's for a happy meal and back to Mimi and Papa's so they could decorate Christmas cookies with them and Sara. 

Sara ran a tight ship this year, assigning herself the job of cookie cutting, while the kids did the decorating.  Mimi did the baking, Papa did the clean up, and Uncle Dan was the photographer!  Great teamwork!
My perfectionist

Finished product with B wearing her hair net!
After a couple of hours of decorating cookies, they went to the Alabama Theater with Uncle Dan and Sara to watch a couple of short Christmas movies.  They came home exhausted, but full of happiness from their fun-filled day!  Who doesn't like hanging with a cousin and uncle that spoil them rotten, right?!

The Fab Four!

Thank you Uncle Dan for a day of special memories!  Bennett and Preston loved hanging out with you and Sara!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Mid December Hike at Moss Park

climbing trees before our hike
For the past week, we have been having record the 70s!  It has been great (though I wouldn't complain if we had winter temperatures).  This past weekend was not only warm, but sunny, so the kids begged to go hiking.  So after swim practice and lunch, we headed out to Hoover to hike around Moss Park.  Beckham got to run around without a leash, and the kids climbed boulders, threw rocks and burned off a lot of energy.
Walker was held some during the day, but his little legs had to be worn out after all of the walking, running and climbing he did.  Our little monkey is a dare devil, and loves trying to keep up with his siblings.

We had a blast out there for a couple of hours, walking a few miles.  When we finally left, it was mid afternoon and we had worked up an appetite.  So we headed to Oak Hill, sat outside, and refueled.  We all enjoyed our fun-filled family day!

Walker trying to keep up with Preston - no fear!

Beckham LOVES being outside, running free!
our kiddos!