Monday, December 28, 2015

Busy December!

As it is for most folks during the month of December....we have been swamped!  Steve traveled quite a bit for the first couple of weeks, while I held down the fort.  We dealt with each child getting walking pneumonia (a few days apart just to challenge us more), Bob our elf returning and his daily shenanigans, Homewood's Christmas parade, class Christmas parties for each child, Christmas parties for us, the premier of the new Star Wars movie and the Mizerany family reunion!  Now that the month (and year) are coming to an end, it is much easier to reflect on it all and the fun times.
much needed date night early December
kids in their new xmas pjs
Homewood Xmas Parade
Preston's class xmas party
silly Bob
tacky xmas sweater party
Star Wars - The Force Awakens
Steve had to take Papa since he took Steve to the 1st one years ago
until next year Bob....
Mizerany Family Reunion

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