Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Day with the Bantas!

Christmas morning starts early every year at our house...our big kids love to get up early, and Christmas is certainly no different.  Every Christmas Eve we have to tell the kids that they can't come downstairs before 7am.  That way we can get ready to video them, and it allows us to sleep a little later (because they would otherwise get up at 5am).  However this year, Walker woke up VERY early!  We were able to get him back to sleep, but when the big kids woke up - he was still asleep.  They grew very impatient waiting for him to awake, and finally we had to wake him so Christmas could get started.

Like every year, Steve records them walking into the living room to spy what Santa brought them, and then they tear into their stockings while we drink some coffee.  Then they open the gifts that we give them.  This year my parents were here for Christmas morning too, so they got to witness all of their excitement.

B's "Princess Laia" painting

P's "Umpire" painting from Star Wars
Of course by 10:30, all of the presents were open, breakfast was eaten and gifts were being played with already.  In fact, Preston was already on a mission to crush his step goal with his new fitbit!

Even Beckham enjoyed his Christmas

By lunch all of the Bantas arrived for our third and final round of Christmas!  Everything under the tree was replenished, and the kids enjoyed the rush one last time.
so many presents!
the chocolate pen

Another awesome Christmas with family!  The adults have fun, the kids have fun, and the memories are always great!  Here's to 2016!

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