Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve with All of the Mizeranys

Christmas Eve morning started off like most other mornings during the month of December....with the kids searching for Bob.  Walker was the lucky one who found him in his bathroom on that morning.  Walker always got a kick out of seeing him in our house, but it took all month reminding him that he can't touch or hold him.  The one time he reached for him, and accidentally touched him, Bennett came unglued.... screaming and crying that his powers were going to be stripped.  I had to calm her down by convincing her that Santa would look past Walker's mistake this one time.

That night we headed over to the Mizerany's house for our annual Christmas celebration.  We dined on some Lebanese and after enough begging from the kids, we began opening gifts.  As always, we received way too much!  Bennett's theme was everything American Girl doll....a new doll, more clothes and new coordinating accessories for her and the doll.  Preston's theme was Legos!  Since he is obsessed, he got a couple new Star Wars lego kits, a crane building kit and lots of cash.  Walker has everything he could ever need from the older kids, and plays with nothing but his art supplies.  However, everyone got creative and got him a few things he didn't have like large building blocks, a big wheel, a toolbox and his own "iPad."  We stayed long enough for them all to play with their new toys some, and then packed it all in the car so they could do it all over again the next morning. 

Mizerany grandchildren

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