Saturday, December 12, 2015

Mid December Hike at Moss Park

climbing trees before our hike
For the past week, we have been having record the 70s!  It has been great (though I wouldn't complain if we had winter temperatures).  This past weekend was not only warm, but sunny, so the kids begged to go hiking.  So after swim practice and lunch, we headed out to Hoover to hike around Moss Park.  Beckham got to run around without a leash, and the kids climbed boulders, threw rocks and burned off a lot of energy.
Walker was held some during the day, but his little legs had to be worn out after all of the walking, running and climbing he did.  Our little monkey is a dare devil, and loves trying to keep up with his siblings.

We had a blast out there for a couple of hours, walking a few miles.  When we finally left, it was mid afternoon and we had worked up an appetite.  So we headed to Oak Hill, sat outside, and refueled.  We all enjoyed our fun-filled family day!

Walker trying to keep up with Preston - no fear!

Beckham LOVES being outside, running free!
our kiddos!

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