Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Blue Eyed Baby is 2!

Walker loved us singing to him!
On December 30th, Walker awoke to kisses from everyone!  We then put him at the bar, and sang "Happy Birthday" to him with a candle in his favorite breakfast choice, powder donuts!  He absolutely glowed while we sang to him, and loved the attention.  Once he blew the candles out the first time, he wanted to do it over and over again.  Of course, we gave him what he wanted.

Later that night, all of the family came over for cake and ice cream.  I wasn't planning to celebrate his birthday on his actual day this year, but instead starting a tradition of celebrating on his half birthday.  However all of our family guilted me into it, so we invited them over to partake.  Though I don't believe Walker really understood it all, he loved having all of his family there, and the singing once again!

I wonder what he wished for....

yum yum!
Walker had an awesome day with all of his family, opening more presents and just getting doted on by everyone.  The beautiful thing about a two year....they don't expect much.  The simplicity of this celebration, right after the holidays, was just what his mama wanted.  Of course, I don't want to slight this baby, but he certainly isn't missing out on anything, or lacking any toys.  Thankfully his interests are simple....coloring, trucks (which Preston has plenty) and playing outside.

He was a pro at blowing out the candles that night!
We love you Walker, and hope your 2nd birthday was as awesome as you are!  We are thrilled that you are beginning to talk more, and your sparkling smile brightens everyone's days.  You weigh about 26 lbs, and have a mouthful of teeth.  You are certainly an active little boy that can be difficult at times, but you are rotten and when you have our attention (all of it), you are an angel.

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