Friday, December 4, 2015

Walker, Our Lil Monkey!

Feeding Beck treat after treat without permission
We were told our third child would be the laid back one (which he was for the first year of his life), the one that would go with the flow (not always), would be spoiled rotten because he is the baby (totally true) and would grow up faster because of his older siblings (spot on!).  The one that I am going to focus on in this post is the last comment.

nail polish on his cheek
Walker from an early age started things before his siblings did at his age.  He ate table food before they did, gave up bottles and drank from a sippy cup sooner than they did, walked months before they did, and was a climber as soon as he started walking.  Some of these behaviors were strongly encouraged by us, others we have tried to redirect, and have
been unsuccessful.  I can't even recall at what age

not sure what to think of his new cage
he ditched his high chair and insisted on sitting on a stool next to the big kids at the island.  I also have walked into his room countless times to find him climbing his bookshelf because he wanted something that was up higher.  He mastered steps at such an early age, so he let's himself into the backyard whenever the door isn't locked, goes upstairs to play with the big kid's toys, or will wander into the basement to "color" at Daddy's desk if that door is left unlocked.  He is mischievous, sneaky and will never answer us when we call for him.
He went missing one morning before church, only to be found in a corner of Bennett's bathroom applying nail polish to his hands and face.  He slides the barstools all over the kitchen to get candy out of the jar, feed the dog treats, get food out of the pantry, or pens out of a drawer.  But we never had to worry when he was in his crib.  That is until one night a couple of weeks ago when he decided to climb out of his crib!! UGH!!

still trying to sneak out (until we tied it down)
I had put him down half asleep, packed the kid's lunches and was brushing my teeth when I heard the pitter patter of footed pjs in my room.  I peaked around to see him walking towards me with his blanket.  I laughed and thought it must have been a fluke so I rocked him back to sleep and laid him down again.  That night around midnight, he came into my room again!  This time really caught me off guard because his room was pitch black (no night light), the house was pitch black and it was the middle of the night!!  I was upset, but knew he would do it again, so I got him back to sleep with me (Steve was out of town). 

The next morning I went on my search for a solution.  We could convert his crib into a toddler bed (but he would only climb out of that even easier) or buy a crib tent (which would hopefully prolong his days in a crib).  The answer was a simple one for me - CRIB TENT!!  So I sent out a request on Facebook asking if anyone was selling one.  One of my sweet neighbors had a brand new one in her basement that she gave me!  Thankfully Steve got home that night, in time to rig it since it didn't fit our style crib.  We gave it a test run, which he didn't like, but when he awoke the next morning, all was good.  He cries a little, but it has successfully contained him now for a couple of weeks!  Finally a win for this tired mama!!
sound asleep AND safely contained

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