Sunday, January 31, 2016

Daddy Daughter Dance - 2016!

Daddy's Girl
Historically every winter, the local Girl Scouts puts on a Daddy Daughter dance.  It has always been a fun night for both Bennett and Steve.  Their nights start off the same, with Bennett getting all dolled up....nails painted, hair done and a little make-up .  But before they leave for dinner, Steve puts on her corsage.  This night was no different.

Following several pictures, Bennett and Steve went out to dinner with Caroline and Jeremy. They had a great time, and then headed to the McWane Center for their dance.  They danced some, explored the science center more, and then left.  Of course, Bennett had to grab some frozen yogurt before coming home...another tradition.

Once they got home, they changed into more comfortable clothes, and continued to hang out with Jeremy and Caroline for a bit longer  Overall, it was another memorable night in the books, and I can't be happier that our children have such a loving and caring Daddy.  Of course, there is nothing better than your little girl learning how to be treated by men, than learning from her Daddy who adores her.

Jeremy and Caroline with them before dinner

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